Chef Karen's Gourmet Cooking Classes


Private Executive Chef Karen M. Hadley makes you the star of your own kitchen!

From planting your own herbs and vegetable garden to preparing Fabulous Gourmet Meals you’ve seen in magazines and at fancy restaurants, book Chef Karen TODAY and you can learn how to do it all too!


Ever eaten at very good restaurant and wished you could cook that way at home? Looking for a new way to celebrate Family Night or have a more meaningful Girls Night Out?


Want to impress your significant other (or future mother-in-law) by cooking for them the meal of their dreams? Want to learn how to use great cookware and kitchen appliances to create fantastic dishes?


In a classroom setting or in the privacy of your own home, Private Executive Chef Karen M Hadley creates a way for you to feel comfortable, gain experience, and make your own creative meals! Book your class today!


Don't let another day go by and miss a great opportunity to learn from Private Executive Chef Karen M Hadley. Chef Karen will teach you how to think like a cook, buy the right ingredients, break a recipe down into its component parts, and get you to the point where you can (eventually) improvise in the kitchen.

  Watch "Cooking with Chef Karen - Food and Festivals of Japan"                                Watch "Cooking with Chef Karen - The Art of Chinese Cooking"  

Chef Karen will take Your Cooking from Good to Great!


Chef Karen will teach you to Cook and not just follow Recipes.

Personalized, In-Depth Demonstrations.

Chef Karen knows that your time is valuable and your budget is limited.


No matter whether you are a novice or a “self-taught” expert in the kitchen, Personal Executive Chef Karen M Hadley will help you to solidly learn the fundamental principles of cooking (the how's and why's of cooking) and how to master simple and effective skills and techniques that will last you for a lifetime!

Personal Executive Chef Karen M Hadley is right there beside you guiding you every single step of the way so you can see exactly what she is doing and participate in a hands-on environment with clear step-by-step instructions.

The lessons taught by Chef Karen will save you time and money and help you cook with confidence. From the very first class, you will feel confident and empowered as you learn your way to relying on your training and intuition to create great meals for your family and yourself!


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